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"My experience with Ruth was amazing! She helped me to be pain free after struggling almost 18 months from a horse accident. She taught me a lot of exercises to continue to improve. Recommend highly!"
Mar 13, 2019
"Mike, Emily and Tricia provided me with GREAT physical therapy. I came in for a balance issue and was better immediately and much better within the first 4 sessions. During the time frame, while I was under treatment for balance, I had a severe back spasm. Mike reset my back and treated me and within about 8 hours, I had no pain and no more spasms. These guys are the REAL DEAL! They know what they are doing and know how to challenge you to get better. I HIGHLY recommend them to you! "
Jun 22, 2018
"One of the most rewarding experiences in my physical therapy lifetime. Very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks for all of your good work. "
Jun 15, 2018
"I have had sciatic issues since 2013 and was recommended by my Orthopedic Dr to try the David program I have just finished my second session with them since 2013 and each time I come away with no pain or minimal pain, which due to degenerative issues I will always deal with some pain. But the sciatic issues have subsided!!! This program is easy and painless.....they dont push you like a workout session at a gym! Attentive staff makes sure you are doing the program correctly and when you graduate, they send you home with exercises to maintain and leave the door wide open to call them with any questions. They dont forget you when you walk out the door! Its the best and most encouraging answer to my sciatic problems. HIGHLY encourage you to try it! Atmosphere is refreshing..... and ALL the personnel in the office and those working with the patients are ALWAYS delightful, fun, personable and you come away with new friends! Jeannie and Mike are the Owners and they are there interacting personally making sure you are doing well. When I finish my program, I know when I return it will be as if I had just left but graduating is always such sweet sorrow! Thank you all for always a great experience! Best place and it is unique!"
May 24, 2018
"The staff is excellent, very knowledgeable and friendly. With their help I obtained all my goals for recovery after hurting my shoulder. "
Apr 27, 2018


Yvonne M.


“Before coming to Fyzical for therapy I could not walk on my own without using a cane. Now I can walk independently on my own without a cane for the first time in 10 years! I’ve learned so much from the therapists at Fyzical. My confidence is returning, I am active now and looking forward to challenging myself each day. Everyone here is very pleasant and a joy to be around. Anna Rocks!!! Thank you!!!”

Stephanie Foote

“Fyzical therapy has given me my life back! The work done here with Cindy and now Rachel has loosened up my muscles, joints, and improved my mental wellbeing. The exercises I take home with me are fully explained so that I know what and why I need to put forth the effort in each one. I am stronger and able to do all the activities that are so important to me and my life. I now feel like I am a contributing member of my community, my church and especially my family. Thanks to all of you at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers who helped make this possible.”

Jean Novak

“I am completely awed by Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers. The David Spine program coupled with ASTYM treatment have been a miracle in my life. I’ve dealt with horrible neck pain for the better part of 15 years. After 2 months in this program I felt a huge decrease in my pain. I wouldn’t trade Cindy or “Sweet T” Tyler for the world; they made my not so good days bearable and gave me my life back!”

Reshonda Day

“I was referred to Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers by 2 doctors because of severe episodes of vertigo. On my first visit I was very dizzy and nauseated. I was put on a table lying on my side and the therapist told me she was going to raise and lower my head quickly. When I got up off the table I was no longer dizzy, I just had a foggy feeling. Throughout my treatments at Fyzical I continued to improve and as of this last visit 11/27/2017 I have not had an episode of dizziness. I continue to feel better and better with each visit. I can turn my head rapidly from side to side now, look up and down, close my eyes and keep my balance. I have my confidence back and I can drive myself now! Thank you!”

Jeanette Lewis Boyd

“I had hip surgery and it created a lot of difficulty for me. The people here at Fyzical are WONDERFUL. When I first started therapy my mobility and range of motion were very limited. I could not walk properly, I was having trouble sleeping, I had pain in my back, hips and feet. I couldn’t walk down the block, play with my grandson, cook a meal, clean my house or drive. Fyzical has given me my life back. I am so thankful for that. I am able to do all the things I mentioned now with confidence and I am pain free.”

Sheryl Holt

“What can I say “Boys and Girls” I was a real mess when I started therapy at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers. In July, I had a right total knee replacement then in November I had my left knee replaced. I am now able to walk pain free for the first time in 5 years. It is wonderful. I believe every therapist at Fyzical had the “pleasure” of treating me and each and every one of them worked so hard to get me to reach my goals. I can now walk as far as I want, go up and down stairs the correct way with no pain. I do want to than each of you so very much for giving me my life back. Ana, Emily, Rachel, Cindy, Tyler, Genie, Mike, Alex and Deena-thank you!! I’ll miss all of you. You are like family to me. Love you Lots.”

Rita Walters

“I suffered a trauma to my low back and hip 8 years ago after falling on the ice. I also tore my rotator cuff but surgery corrected that problem. However, I have suffered with back and hip pain daily and I had trouble sleeping because of the pain. I started therapy at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers and after a month my lower back and hip pain has all but subsided. I wonder why I didn’t try Fyzical therapy before this!  Ana and her associates diagnosed the proper treatment and exercises – I have been so impressed.”

Tim Colwell

“From the time I walked in the doors to FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers, there was always a positive environment! The therapists and staff worked so hard at getting me back up on my feet and were so patient when it hurt. The willingness to make you happy and so positive made me comfortable to come back. Being able to work with the Owasso staff has changed my life so much! I was so excited that I came back after a procedure, not being able to fully weight bear for weeks, and Mike telling me to look over in the corner. They just got in the Alter-G Treadmill and he explained it to me and was so excited to get me in it:) Needless to say I was able to start walking at 20% of my body weight and gradually continue up from there. If it wasn’t for the hard work from these amazing people working constantly to find new ways to treat patients, I would have had a hard time beginning to walk. If I had someone come up to me and ask me who I recommend for physical therapy, I wouldn’t have to even think another second about who to recommend because FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers will always be the place! I don’t think I could express how much I appreciate the amazing work you guys do! You will always be on my mind when I am working out and I wouldn’t have come this far without all of you!”

Much Love, Jessica Payne

“When I came into FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers, I was greeted with friendly physical therapists that eased my scared feeling. But Mike Strakal knew how to be gentle and easy with my limitations. I would recommend anyone to come here for physical therapy because they are the best. And now I have no pain in my hip.”

Mavis Bacon

“Had a sharp pain that started on my right thumb and ran up my right arm. After Genie Strakal fitted the splints on my wrist. The pain was almost all gone after 3 days, and because we started Physical Therapy so soon, I was able to prevent my left from hurting. After 6 weeks, I have no pain like I use to have; only when my arthritis acts up. My swelling has even decreased which is a wonderful improvement for a 94 year old.”

Gertrude Hughey