Head Neck or Jaw Pain

Temporo-Mandibular Dysfunction (TMD) is NOT uncommon. More than six million adults complain of pain in the head and neck as well as the jaw with TMD. People of all ages are affected by this problem, but there is a solution.


Many are surprised to find that non-surgical treatment is available for TMD. There is no need to feel that you have to just “live with the pain.” With the appropriate medical assistance, there is a very good chance that your situation can either be improved or cured altogether. This is true even iv you have already had surgery for the TMJ.

This program is designed for men and woman of all ages who are concerned about TMD limiting their ability to eat and to live comfortably.


The most common form of TMD is called TMJ pain. The temporo mandibular joint (TMJ) is subject to a variety of disorders such as: internal derangement and ankylosis as well as arthritis, dislocation, congenital issues, fractures and neoplastic issues (cancer). The most common lesions seen by physical therapists include TMJ internal derangement, dislocation and arthritis. Often these types of TMD can occur together. This can be very frustrating and difficult for an individual to manage.


There are a variety of ways to treat TMJ without surgery or following surgery. This include flexibility and strengthening of the muscles of the TMJ, retraining them to better perform their function, learning techniques for improved jaw opening and closing control and changing behaviors which make the TJH pain worse. Your physician or dentist may also recommend certain dental appliances. We will consult with your physician regarding all treatment provided.


  • Evaluation of your jaw, neck and eating and living habits
  • Evaluation of your cervical and jaw muscle strength and control
  • Education regarding methods to reduce TMJ irritability
  • Techniques in TMJ muscle exercises
  • Training in TMJ muscle flexibility, strengthening and control which may include; Progressive Exercises, Home Exercise Program, Electrical Stimulation, Manual Techniques/Massage , Ultrasound/Electrical Stimulation or Cold Class 4 Laser.

Licensed therapists are specially trained in this treatment and provide a customized program to address your individual circumstances.