Youth Football

FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center Owasso developed a Concussion Management Program to ensure the highest level of safety possible for the athletes participating in the youth football program. The services that we will provide for all athletes are sports physicals and healthy baseline concussion screening examinations using Bertec force plates, Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT3), Visual – Ocular – Motor Screening (VOMS). These services will be provided during the uniform fitting times and through scheduled appointments. In addition to the previously mentioned tests, for all athletes aged 12 and older, we will be using the Concussion Vital Signs computerized testing system.

In the event of future injury, FYZICAL will provide treatment for the athletes through the families insurance and alternative forms of payment will be provided for those without insurance.

Our primary objective is to provide the highest quality of care for healthy and injured athletes alike. We would also like the athletes and their families to know that we will do everything in our power to ensure them that the health and well being of these young men is our highest priority.

The rise in concussion awareness has sparked a lot of concern from parents and physicians surrounding numerous youth sports programs including football, soccer, lacrosse and wrestling. We understand this increases level of concern and we would like to focus on resolving those concerns. Another great thing that has occurred due to increased concussion awareness is that it has resulted in a substantial increase in concussion research. We will be using the most technologically advanced healthy baseline concussion screening tools and concussion treatment protocols and equipment available to ensure the community, family and athletes that nothing comes before the safety of our athletes. The entire FYZICAL staff has worked with Brian Werner, one the most respected and published vestibular therapist in the country over the last year to earn their certification as level 3 vestibular therapists.